Investor pulls back, future of Winton Country Club uncertain

AMHERST COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) If the weather is nice, you can expect to see Mike Ponton teeing off.

Every day if i can. It's convenient and it's a beautiful golf course."

He's been a member here since 1996 and says it would be a shame to lose it.

"It would be a big blow to the Amherst and Nelson communities," says Ponton.

Late last year Runk and Pratt showed interest in the Amherst County property. They wanted to build a living community to increase revenue and help the golf course stay afloat.

"That agreement has gone by the wayside," says Winton Country Club President, Kenneth Hudnall.

In a news release, the company states the liabilities to operate the country club were higher than initially understood. They also failed to reach an agreement on whether to buy or lease the property from the county. Therefore, they are choosing not to move forward with the purchase at this time.

Luckily, peak golf season is approaching which will provide revenue for the club. But it may not be enough.

"It is a possibility that without some capital investment, within a year's time, that we may be forced to file for bankruptcy," according to Hudnall.

Although the county owns the property, it was given as a gift on the condition that a golf course would be maintained. WDBJ7 reached out to the county to see how they would go about doing so and have not gotten a response.