Bedford teens turn neighborhood park into community Christmas display

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) People in Bedford call their hometown the "Christmas Capital of Virginia."

Every December folks drive from all over to see light displays at the Elks Home and Liberty Lake Park.

This year they can add another attraction to their list: Edmund Street Park.

"You can either shoot hoops or you could bring your kids out here to play," said Taron Robinson, a teenager who takes a lot of pride in his local playground and wanted to dress it up for the holidays.

"We wanted to light it up to say Merry Christmas to the community," Robinson explained.

Robinson is a founder of "Boys With a Dream," a group that got a lot of attention this year for organizing a peace rally in their hometown.

Leaders in Bedford rewarded them for their efforts with trips and gifts. Lighting up their neighborhood park is one way the teens are showing their gratitude

"We wanted to say thank you for having our back," Robinson said.

Over the last few weeks, the group has strung lights and decorations on just about everything in the park.

"We put lights all around the pavilion," said Robinson. "We put wallpaper on the door of the bathroom and bows around the statue of Edward Patterson."

They hope the display will grow and become a tradition.

"We've never done this before," said Boys With a Dream Member, Derrick Spinner. "Why not try something new?"

"I hope we can do this every year," said Robinson. "Light it up and say thank you."