Bees deal well with changing weather

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) “This has just come out from winter," says beekeeper Brad Shaw as he opens the hive. "And here are the bees.”

Shaw is pretty happy with this colony he manages for Whistle Creek Apiaries.

“This is beautiful to see this time of year," he says. "You don’t have to give them no supplements or anything. Mother Nature’s providing everything for the bees right now.”

The warm weather has brought out the blooms, and that rings the dinner bell for bees, providing plenty of nectar to make honey.

Inside the hive, they provide their own heat, meaning cold days like we saw this weekend don’t really disturb them.

Shaw explains, “Bees learn to adapt very quickly. You can move bees from Georgia to Maine, they will learn to adapt very quickly.”

Mostly by moving closer and closer together in the hive as it gets colder. The real trouble comes when it stays cold because that kills the flowers.

“That will affect them big time because some of the food sources they expect to be there is not going to be there.”

But for now, it looks like full jars for Whistle Creek.

“It’s beautiful weather," Shaw says. "And they’re excited and happy, and busy as a bee.”