Bible verse decals on deputy cars "serious issue" in Montgomery County, will be removed

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) In Montgomery County, a decal on deputy cars will be removed by the end of the week after concerns that it's violating the first amendment.

The decals show a short Bible verse that reads "Blessed are the peacemakers, Matthew 5:9."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants it removed immediately. Someone locally contacted the organization to share their concern.

"It is a serious issue. It is a constitutional matter. It's not merely a matter of opinion. Certainly citizens will have different opinions on whether the decals are a good idea or not but as a constitutional issue it's pretty clear that the government can't take sides or promote any religious message," said Patrick Elliott, a staff attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The sheriff tells us the decals were donated to the department. He says they were put on the cars to honor the law enforcement during National Police Week.