Charlottesville becomes "learning experience" for law enforcement nationwide

Photo: MGN
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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Law enforcement agencies across the nation are taking notice and re-evaluating their own practices following the riots here in Charlottesville.

A former police officer turned professor in Radford tells us agencies will be re-examining their resources and asking themselves if they're prepared for a similar event.

He says towns and cities will be looking for safe venues and equipment.

"I know there'll be other jurisdictions, other states maybe talking about removing statues or some other thing that could be controversial and saying, we saw what happened in Charlottesville what did they do right let's copy that, what could we do better. And I think this becomes a learning experience for everybody," said Tod Burke, a Radford University professor.

Burke tells us law enforcement is looking to see if riot gear and armored trucks contributed to the violence or helped stop it.

Right now, he says they're all working to heal the community and themselves.