City Council votes to extend Roanoke's portion of the Greenway

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) Finishing Roanoke's portion of the Greenway is one step closer to reality today.

The City Council voted this afternoon to accept and use VDOT funds to build out one of the last stretches in the city.

Zachary Hubbard is visiting Roanoke for the summer and was happy to discover the Greenway.

Hubbard said, "I was really impressed and excited that there was a dedicated space to pedestrians and cyclists."

Soon the Greenway will extend even further in the city of Roanoke. As part of the "Bridge the Gap" Phase II plan, the Greenway will extend beyond the dead-end on Aerial Way Drive to Bridge Street, completing 10 miles of Greenway in the city.

This afternoon the City Council voted to accept and set aside more than $750,000 in VDOT funds for the project.

Roanoke resident Justin Brown is excited to hear about the expansion plans. "That's all positive to me, like I said the Greenway is great to have it here close, so any future construction on it would be awesome."

To get a feel for what the community wants, the Roanoke Valley Regional Commission held several public input meetings this Spring before drafting and updated regional Greenway plan.

One of the major takeaways? The community wants to see the Greenway finished. It's something Jill Wickham and Steve Guidus agrees with.

Wickham stated, "Yay. The more it expands the better. The more tourism, the more fun."

Other highlights form the public meetings were: connectivity to neighborhoods, protecting neighborhood character and improving the interconnectedness of existing Greenways and trails.

Wickham concluded, "Anytime the neighborhoods are connected to each other, I think we are all better off."