Danville law enforcement holds job fair to fill vacancies

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) In Danville, the police department is looking to fill nearly a dozen much needed positions as crime continues to be a problem in the city.

Dozens of members of the community showed up with resumes in hand to meet law enforcement officials face-to-face to try to land a job at a job fair Wednesday.

"You can read a piece of paper, but unless you see them, you don't know who they are. You don't know their qualifications, you don't know their abilities," says candidate, Bruce Centner.

The Danville Police Department is trying to fill 11 officer positions, and the adult detention and juvenile detention departments also have vacancies.

"Typically we're anywhere from 8-10% nationwide vacancies, as police, and for a while we were the same but we've got a little bit more at this particular time," says Lt. Michael Wallace with the police department.

The Danville Police Department says not having a full staff and an increase in crime is stretching them pretty thin.

"Week before last where you have two homicides in about twelve hours, that taxes your manpower anyway, and then when you're down it does even more, so it's a challenge," says Lt. Wallace.

That's why the job fair is so important, so they can find the best people for the force.

"Service-minded, someone who wants to serve the community, someone who can develop a good rapport with members of the community," says Lt. Wallace.

One job candidate who has law enforcement experience says he wants to come out of retirement to help the city.

"That is something that with today's crime rate and everything else we definitely need better people," says Centner.

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