Enhance Fitness program helps those with mobility issues get moving again

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Sometimes as you get older, it becomes harder to move and get around, especially after dealing with health problems or injuries. The YMCA offers a program to help you get back at it.

Four months ago you probably wouldn't have seen Jeanette Webber shakin' her groove thing.

“I couldn't even stand up without pushing up from a chair.
Just no strength. I couldn't walk out to the mailbox even,” said Webber.

Webber just couldn't take it anymore. One day she gave the Enhance Fitness program at the YMCA in Salem a try. What makes this program unique is that it provides low-impact exercises for those dealing with pain or limited mobility. During class, Webber works on improving her strength, flexibility, and endurance.

“It has just done wonders. I can get up out of chairs. I can walk around the block. And my house work, I couldn't do much of that before, so it's really worked out wonderfully,” Webber said.

Webber says it's all about going at your own pace and listening to your body.

“You really can move and do better physically with exercise because it strengthens your muscles,” she explained.

Plus, she's made some great friends, too!

“The exercise is empowering, as well as just making you feel better -- physically and mentally -- but the camaraderie of the people and our instructors are wonderful,” Webber said.

After several weeks those who participate in the program are tested.
For instance, when someone first starts the program it may take them 20 seconds to stand up, but after time doing the program it may only take 10 or maybe even 5 seconds -- depending on the individual.

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