Franklin County teachers prepare for the start of school

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va (WDBJ7) -- Franklin County teachers are being put to the test before students go back to class on Monday.

They’ve been back at work all this week getting their classrooms and curriculums ready for the first day of school.

WDBJ7 spoke with two high school teachers.

This is their first year on the job, but they've already been working hard this summer to get things ready.

That includes decorating their classroom and bulletin boards, printing worksheets, developing lesson plans and numbering calculators.

"The last minute things that I have to do are just those small things, like making sure I know my class roster, and I'm going to, they each have their own tub, so I'm going to label that stuff, but class roster's change, so it's kind of hard to do now," Franklin County High School teacher Madison Grant said.

"Since I'm starting from scratch, it has taken a while. I only have a few days prepared for one of my classes, whereas with the Teachers Pay Teachers, fortunately, that has been much easier, I have almost an entire unit completed already," Franklin County High School teacher Alyssa Knapp said.

Many educators spend a lot of money out of pocket on school supplies.

The teachers we spoke to say they didn’t have to spend a ton this year, but are expecting to buy more next year as they get into a groove.