God's Pit Crew sends aide to help Harvey victims

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Organizations all over the country are reaching out to help those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey.

One group in southside has already sent two tractor-trailers full of supplies.

God's Pit Crew has made it to Texas, but they have not made it to Houston. Because the flooding is so severe, they are currently stuck in Livingston, Texas waiting for the all clear to enter the heaviest hit area.

The two trucks full of supplies left Danville on Friday, hoping to get to Texas before the heaviest rain hit, but they got stuck about 100 miles away from their destination.

"We know the people need the product, and we're anxious to get it in but at the same time we don't want to put our drivers or the product in harm's way either," says God's Pit Crew President, Randy Johnson.

One truck is completely full of blessing buckets, which have toiletries, and other necessities for survival. The second truck is full of water, Gatorade and food products.

"These people are losing everything. There's been a number of fatalities as well, so for someone that's lost everything, this is providing some relief for them to let them know that somebody really cares about them," says one of the truck drivers, Sid Allgood.

God's Pit Crew plans to send even more trucks with supplies and volunteers as soon as it's safe.

"It could be next week before we even think about sending volunteer teams, just because the water really has got to recede before we can get in there and make a real difference," says Allgood.

God's Pit Crew says they plan to help these victims through the long haul, because they know it will take a long time to recover.

"If you just show up it's help because people know that somebody cares," says Johnson.

The truck driver says there is even flooding in Livingston so he can't imagine what it looks like in Houston.

He says he and the other truck driver are just waiting on the green light to head on down.