God's Pit Crew to hold blessing bucket assembly

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) God's Pit Crew in Danville has been working hard helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and now they're also trying to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irma.

Normally God's Pit Crew is closed on Friday, but not this week. They've been working around the clock since before Harvey hit, and they're not stopping yet.

Hundreds of cases of water are still coming in to God's Pit Crew.
So far, 27 tractor trailers full of supplies have gone to Texas, and two have made their way to Florida. Most of the trucks are full of water, and blessing buckets.

"When you've just lost everything and you have nothing. We have testimony after testimony of people receiving that bucket," says Nathan Burnett with God's Pit Crew.

They hand out the buckets to each person and when that person opens their bucket up, the first thing they'll see is a bible.

"The word of God right on top to, in itself, that gives people some hope and encourages people," says Burnett.

Underneath the bible, they'll find the bucket packed with hygiene products, canned ready-to-eat food, and towels.

The buckets have about 35 dollars worth of product inside, but when people get them in a time of need, it's priceless.

"In these times it's sad in a way, but it's also such a blessing to see people pull together and help each other out," says Burnett.

God's Pit Crew collects supplies year round to assemble the blessing buckets.

"We are a crisis response organization so we stay ready for this moment," says Burnett.

God's Pit Crew has already delivered 7,000 blessing buckets to Texas, but they need to assemble more.

They're having a blessing bucket assembly Saturday at the headquarters in Danville. It's from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The goal is to assemble at least 3,000 buckets.