Groundbreaking takes place to bring broadband to Pittsylvania County

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Pittyslvania County is now one step closer to providing broadband to all of its residents.

A groundbreaking was held today for the county's rural internet project.

"Today is representing the fact that we're actually in the process now of doing the construction of running fiber from an existing fiber resource up on the mountain behind me," Pittsylvania County Director of Economic Development Matthew Rowe said.

The county is partnering with AcelaNet or SCS Broadband, to bring high speed internet to residents.

"Coming in here we're able to get people connected that normally wouldn't have access for their children to get online at night to do their homework or businesses in some cases that would not have access to high speed internet," AcelaNet CEO Lon Whelchel said.

Since Pittsylvania County already has towers, this won't cost taxpayers a dime. In fact, according to Rowe, SCS Broadband will pay them to install equipment on the towers.

The county does have internet access, but this will expand the current service.

"The really rural residents that are on air cards and satellite, they're gonna find that with the new system over a period of time, their bandwidth usage will probably go up," Rowe said.

The county should have full broadband access within the next year.