Grown Here at Home: Animals with personality at Thornfield Farm in Fincastle

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FINCASTLE, Va. One of the benefits of having a farm is that you get to hang out with all the animals.

At Thornfield Farm in Fincastle, the animals are always keeping things interesting.

On the farm you’ll find a variety of chickens.

“We love our chickens. They're like mini dinosaurs. But they are sweet and fun and fun to be around. Our chickens are all laying hens so that means we don't eat them, we just harvest their eggs. And there's nothing like a farm fresh egg. It's totally different than anything you'll get in the grocery store,” said Susanna Thornton, owner of Thornfield Farm.

They also have sheep.

“We just got new sheep. We are expanding our farm to have more animals, so we have St. Croix sheep and they are incredibly docile, sweet, and really fun to be around. They have total personality. So we'll raise the lambs for meat and they'll be for sale next year. But we'll keep most of the females so we can continue to grow our flock and have more sheep,” Thornton explained.

Thornfield Farm also has a Farm Share Program. Here's how it works. For a fee you become a member of the farm and every week you can order whatever fruits and vegetables you want that they have available. You can pick up your order at one of the three farm stands they have in the Roanoke Valley. Plus, if you have a child and you're a Farm Share member, they get to come out to the farm and play with the chickens.

The Farm Share Program has become so popular that there’s a waiting list right now.

Click here to learn more about the Farm Share Program and get your name on the waiting list for next season.

Here's where you can find Thornfield Farm:
April-Thanksgiving TUESDAYS 3 p.m.-6 p.m.: On-farm market, 3092 Blue Ridge TPK, Fincastle, VA 24090

April-Thanksgiving THURSDAYS 3 p.m.-6 p.m.: Sweet Donkey Coffee, 2108 Broadway Ave SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24014

April 22-Oct 28th SATURDAYS 8 a.m.-12 p.m.: Grandin Village Community Market, 2080 Westover Ave SW, Roanoke VA 24015