Grown Here at Home: Pittsylvania County teacher breaking barriers in the ag industry

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PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Jessica Jones didn’t always think she would be a teacher.

"I had told my middle school ag teacher I was going to go to UVA to be a doctor. And he told me, no you're going to be an ag teacher. And I looked at him and I said, 'No I'm not.' He said, 'Yeah, you will. I see something in me that I see in you and I know that's going to happen,'" explained Jones.

That teacher was on to something. Jones went into Virginia Tech undecided, but eventually declared to be an agriculture education major.

Although Jones has the degrees and education to back up her knowledge in agriculture, not everyone who meets her, would peg her as an ag teacher.

"Growing up I was literally the only black female in my ag classes. The only one to some extent. And that was through my time in middle school, in high school, and even on into college," Jones said.

She added, "I have been asked on several occasions, 'Oh you teach business? Are you an English teacher?' And I'm like no, I'm an ag teacher. And they're like, 'You do what?'"

Agriculture is something that’s always been a part of Jones' life.

"My affinity for agriculture came from my family. Watching my uncles, watching my grandad, even my grandma and my mom. It was a family thing," she said.

Jones is an example of how it doesn't matter if you look like you fit the part, just go after your passion.

"You just do what you love and love what you do and with a lot of prayer in-between it will get you where you've got to go," she said.