Grown Here at Home: Do you know the difference between straw and hay?

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) Wilmont Farm in Moneta is an 800-acre wheat and soybean operation.
W.P. Johnson runs the farm. He explains what happens during planting season.

“Basically in October we started planting and ran through the early drought that we had and then got everything planted. Then February/March we do a spray application to control any of the pests that we have,” he said.

When it's time to harvest the wheat, they'll work around the clock to get it done. Once that's out of the way, they'll start bailing straw to sell to landscapers and farmers who use it in feed products.

Here’s an interesting fact. There is a difference between straw and hay.

“Straw is basically the leftover product. It's exactly what it says straw. If you think of a drinking straw it's a tube. That's basically all this is. It's a tube that feeds water to the plant as it's living and now that it's dead, it's basically what's left over as a bi-product. Hay is more of a nutrient supplement that's considered for feed and we actually kill it in the process of mowing it and then store it for feed product,” Johnson said.

So the next time you eat a piece of bread, the wheat used to make it, just might have come from your local farmer who lives just down the road.