Halifax County SPCA rescues pets from hurricane zones

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HALIFAX Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- One hometown group droves hundreds of miles towards Hurricane Irma to make a difference.

Local SPCA goes to Georgia to rescue Irma pets (WDBJ7)

The Paws and Claws SPCA of Halifax County went to Atlanta over the weekend to rescue pets that were being evacuated from Florida shelters.

"Sarah saw a plea on Facebook by the Best Friend Animal society," said Samantha Wills, a Halifax County SPCA volunteer.

"If you're able to help, help," said volunteer Sarah Shelton. "They can't help themselves they need us."

So with a big van and even bigger hearts, the group set out to save lives. "I pretty much said 'anybody up for a road trip this weekend?'" Shelton said. "My husband said it was 34-hours from door to door to door," added Wills.

The Halifax County SPCA says during natural disasters, local shelters see an uptick of pets that are surrendered by their owners. "My heart goes out to people that have to do it. That have to leave, you know, say, 'I have to leave you behind and hope that you're OK,'" Wills explained.

An increase in surrendered pets make their mission even more crucial. "I would hope that if we were put in a situation where, heaven forbid, something was going to happen, that other people would want to step up for our pets," Wills said.

Twenty-eight dogs, 16 cats and more than 1,100 miles later, the group is now back home and the pets are safe from the storm.

The cats and dogs were taken to the Prince William Humane Society where they will find their FURever homes. So far, two have been adopted. "I'm sure those pets just think they've won the lottery," Shelton said.