Hillsville church hosts prayer vigil for peace following Charlottesville violence

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HILLSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A Hillsville church put together a special service Thursday night in support of peace and justice, in response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend.

The Hillsville Christians Church said they normally have a small congregation, with it being a small community. But Thursday, more than 50 people joined together, not in rallying or chanting, but in prayer.

Pastor Amanda Hatfield Moore explained, "We are not politicians, we are not career activists. Those are valuable roles, but we have to do our part as people of faith, and we do that through prayer."

Pastor Moore even found a Presbyterian Liturgy from a service designed specifically to address racial justice for the congregation to participate in.

The response in the prayer was, "Break down the walls that separate us, and make us one people."

Those who attended the service were saying afterwards they had a calling to be there.

Vivian McBride of Hillsville said, "Our directive from God is to love one another and I feel like it's important that people come together and show that love is what drives us."

Galax resident Becky Helton said, "I felt so torn apart by what happened over the weekend in Charlottesville. I didn't know how to respond, and when our elders decided to have this vigil, it gave me something to do."

But it's not just about attending a service, Pastor Moore was telling everyone.

It's about moving forward as people of faith to create a more peaceful world.

She said of the future, "Really taking to heart God's call to liberate the oppressed and to minister to those who are in need, we have to take that seriously."