Houston Texans arrive at Greenbrier for training camp

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WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS,W.Va. (WDBJ) The signs welcoming the Houston Texans are out in town. From big ones at local restaurants, to little ones, like in the window of Barnwood Living.

“To see, you know, to meet folks you only see on television is a really big thing for all of us,” says Katherine Shelton, Barnwood Living's Office Manager.

Outside Gillespie’s Flowers, they’re letting their fan flag fly. A Texans flag hangs above the store's front door.

“I think everyone’s excited for something new," says Gillespie’s Flowers' Rebekah Sams. "And the Texans have never been to White Sulphur Springs before, so I think they’re just as excited to be here as we are to have them.”

Whether it’s the New Orleans Saints -- who trained at the Greenbrier for the last three years -- or the Houston Texans, the local businesses know what a training camp in town means for them.

“Of course, you know, our area really does thrive on tourism," says Shelton. "It’s one of our largest employers. So, anything that brings tourism here, whether it’s the players, their families, the folks who want to come watch them play, is always a wonderful thing to bring into our community.”

“It’s important to West Virginia -- and especially with the past year that we’ve had – it’s always nice to get some excitement going, to really get everybody out and in town and give you something else to look forward to, something to do before the kids go back to school,” says Sams.

But will they have time to see some football?

“I hope I’ll get a little bit of time," Sams admits. "Maybe on a Sunday afternoon. I’ll have to check the schedule.”