‘I just immediately called 911,’ woman recounts report of attempted abduction

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- Investigators are looking into a report of an attempted abduction.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office says it happened on Drewrys Hill Rd. (WDBJ7)

The Bedford county sheriff's office says a man tried to lure a teenage girl into his pickup truck.

Deputies say the man also exposed himself to the girl.

On Tuesday, Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a phone call just after 4:30 from Butterfly Lane in Stewartsville.

Resident, Margaret Barkheimer says she was inside her home when two of her children came running in saying there was a girl running down Drewerys Hill Rd. screaming for help. "Everything seemed normal until she had seen the same truck pass her again but he had stopped, when he got out he was completely nude,” explained Barkheimer.

The Sheriff's Office says the girl had just gotten off a school bus and began walking home when a white man in a tan Toyota pickup truck pulled up next to her.

"I couldn't' really process it. I told all my kids to stay up there at the house and I was on the phone with my husband and I was gonna go see if I could help and when I found out what I did, I just immediately called 911,” recalled Barkheimer.

The mother-of-eight, who also made a Facebook post about the incident, says she wanted parents to be aware of potential dangers. "You never know when it's going to happen again or if it could happen and I think everyone need to be aware that there may be something out there, that something could happen, and just know what to look out for,” she said.

At this time, the Bedford County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate the incident.