Ice cream shop to serve BBQ-flavored ice cream

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN)— An ice cream shop in Kansas City, Missouri is about to debut a very interesting, new ice cream flavor--BBQ.

It features a sweet cream base, swirls of caramel, flavored barbecue sauce, and bits of beef candied in brown sugar.

It also contains burnt ends from a smoked brisket of beef. The sauce and burnt ends come from a local barbecue restaurant.

The owner said he'd been experimenting with potential barbecue ice creams since he opened a few years ago, but never found the right one until now. He says people should keep an open mind.

"You say we're going to do a barbecue ice cream, everybody's like 'huh?' They have no reference point so it's totally new, and when they try it, you can see that experience on their face and they just love it. It's really great," said David Friesen, owner of Betty Rae's Ice Cream.

The owner says he's currently working on a barbecue sauce and chocolate combination.