Immigration law firm hosts 'post-DACA' educational meeting

ROANOKE, Va. (WDB7) President Trump's decision to eliminate DACA has created uncertainty for immigrants in communities across the country, including in the Roanoke Valley.

DACA stands for "deferred action for childhood arrivals," an executive action that protected undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children.

In Roanoke, Poarch Immigration Law Firm invited immigrants and allies to an educational meeting at the Jefferson Center Wednesday to understand what to expect post-DACA.

"We decided to have this meeting because there are a group of DACA recipients that need to register before October 5 of this year. It's really important that we get that word out there," said Christine Poarch, an immigration attorney.

She says the goal is to respond to the issue without creating a feeling of angst or distress.

"Unfortunately, I don't think we can single-handedly clear out the fear, but what we can do is respond with a different sort of energy and attention," she said.

Part of that response is hosting a multi-faith prayer vigil to respond not only to DACA, but any issue.

"It's a reminder that we all have a shared humanity, beneath our differences, there are fears and hopes and dreams that are common to us all," said Second Presbyterian Church Minister George Anderson, who likes that multiple faiths will be represented.
"There is really more that binds us than separates us," he said.

Organizers said more than 100 people registered to attend the educational meeting. The prayer vigil did not require a registration.