Jennifer Short Memorial Ride continues to raise awareness

HENRY Co., WDBJ7 This week marks 15 years since Jennifer Short and her parents Michael and Mary were found killed. The murders have yet to be solved. The community continues to honors Jennifer's legacy.

Jennifer Short and her parents Michael and Mary were murdered in 2002. Authorities have yet to find answers to the tragedy. Years later their neighbor Ray Reynolds is on a mission to ensure their lives are remembered. "I think it makes them feel good to know that we have not forgot their family, and we do it for them," said Ray Reynolds.

Several bikers come out year after year for the Jennifer Short Memorial Ride. "It's good for everyone to come out and support things like this," said Mickey Clinard, a Henry County resident.

The sea of bikes and line of mustangs help raise money for the scholarship fund. "This fifteenth year we've given over 44 scholarship and raised over $35,000," said Reynods. With that money the Short family's memory will continue. "Being here, that scholarship could help my kids one day," said Clinard.

People also hope this yearly ride will encourage someone to come forward with another lead that could solve the case.