Lynchburg School Board names top twelve characteristics in superintendent search

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) New developments tonight in Lynchburg's search for a superintendent. After hearing from the public, the school board has made a decision on what kind of person they are looking to fill the role.

Gloria Preston has sat in many chairs for Lynchburg City Schools.

“I've been a teacher, principal, central office administrator,” said Preston.

Tonight she and over 60 others sat in chairs at E.C. Glass high school sharing their thoughts on what the next superintendent should be like.

“Active listening, actually listening to what someone says and then getting the feedback,” said Tom Harris, who teaches theater at E.C. Glass.

With over 700 surveys answered and multiple meetings like tonight’s, the search firm and school board have agreed upon 12 top characteristics.

“Has the leadership skills required to respond to the challenges presented by an ethnically and culturally diverse community,” said Dr. Dale Caldwell, representing the search firm Ray and Associates. “Has experience that will benefit the long term financial health of the district.”

Those are just a few items that will be listed on this flyer posted across the nation. Other characteristics included a “student first mentality”, a good communicator, and someone who will take action against the school’s already existing problems.

With those characteristics, they are hoping a qualified candidate will step forward and help the community achieve some difficult goals.

“We need to get all schools accredited and the super intendent is the main driver behind pushing that,” said Dr. Michael Nilles.

People were also talking about the achievement gap and addressing the poverty rate in schools. With a very active conversation, it kept on coming back to one main point.

“Right now the importance is because the children need to see that the future is there, that they can succeed,” said Harris.

People have until November 12th to apply and the board is hoping to have the position filled by early December.