Lynchburg mom launches new website for Central VA parents

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) There's a new website in Central Virginia for parents. It's being brought here by a mom who a saw a need in the area.

Jamie Wells says there are so many family activities going on in town that it can be hard to keep up. She experienced this with her own daughter.

"I really was looking for events for her and I to do. You know like Mommy-and-me gyms or all of the story times," said Jamie Wells, Managing Editor of Hulafrog Lynchburg. "So I thought this would be really great for moms around here....because I was looking for those things too."

She brought the national website called "Hulafrog" to our area. Here, she lists all the different events going on in Central Virginia.

Wells also sends out emails with extra information to parents who subscribe. It's all free and already has 400 subscribers.