Lynchburg organizations give glasses to fight poverty

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) In Lynchburg, the community continues to fight high poverty numbers.Today, local organizations focused on a different angle of the problem - sight. People came together today to offer kids free eye exams and glasses.

Christian Nuckols is just one of the children who benefited from the program. Nuckols has trouble seeing the board at school. He says he has to squint his eyes to see, but with help from an eye doctor and a simple shift of a lens….

”I get to see again,” Nuckols said.

At the Jubilee Center in Lynchburg, a room that is usually an arts center was transformed into a doctor's office Saturday. The mission? Help kids see. Multiple organizations came together to make it happen. One Community One Voice, Lynchburg Police, Dr. Luke Wagoner, and many more. Representatives from the organizations say they are hoping that helping kids see clearly will have a ripple effect.

“I think this one little portion of just making sure a child can see the black board will give them a great start and a great future,” said James Camm with One Community, One Voice.

The pop up office in the Jubilee Center functioned as a real one. Starting off with a screening, then an eye exam, before finally getting to pick out a pair of glasses. All for free.

It's part of a greater initiative to fight the high poverty rate in Lynchburg.

“It helps people like me, a single parent. Glasses can be real expensive,” said Christina Graves, who brought her family to get glasses.

“All we're doing is…we just know how to drop lenses in front of people and get their brain and eyes to turn on,” said Dr. Wagoner. “But to go from off to on, visually- it's a miracle. It's nothing short of a miracle.”

The patients did not disagree. Mariah Randolph picked out a pair of glasses with a blue tint.

“I can see the world again,” said Randolph.