Nearby businesses to adult video store unaware of illegal activity

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RIDGEWAY, Va. (WDBJ7) The owner of a sex shop in Henry County is out of jail after being arrested. Nearby businesses had no idea of what was happening just a few doors down.

About eight businesses sit along Greensboro Road in Ridgeway on the same side of the road as Passions. People say Passions Video was quiet besides a few cars here and there but when they found out about the charges some couldn't believe it, others are not surprised.

Elizabeth Vaughan works just a few doors down from Passions Video.

"I've never really noticed anything funny next door," Vaughan of Visiting Angels said.

Tuesday, the Henry County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant, arresting the owner Randy Corns.

"I never saw anything, or thought along those lines. So it was really a surprise," Mary York of Red's Hair Shop said.

Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry says Corns was charging folks a small fee to go into the back of the building. Perry added that Corns was showing pornographic movies on large televisions and letting folks partake in sexual acts. Perry said that Internet ads were helpful in figuring out what was going on inside.

Corns is facing six misdemeanor charges related to immoral sexual activity and showing pornographic movies. On Tuesday night, he posted a 25 hundred dollar bond.

"I mean I wasn't really surprised. I mean you have an adult bookstore you never know what's going to happen," Vaughn said.

Many people didn't want to go on camera but say people would park in front of their business and walk over to the store. They feared the store would eventually become a problem. Others in the plaza, thought nothing of it.

"I really can't believe it. How could it happen. I don't understand," York said.

There is an elementary school not far down the road and two churches across the street.