Ridgeway sees a lot of damage after Thursday's storm

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RIDGEWAY, Va. (WDBJ7) Some people in our area are still without power Friday and have a lot of cleaning up to do after Thursday night's storms.

One in particular caused a lot of destruction in the Ridgeway section of Henry County.

"It was just devastating, disastrous, debris everywhere," Ridgeway resident Jonathan Cox said.

That's how Cox says he reacted when he got home from work Thursday night. A normal 15-minute commute took him an hour and a half.

"Trees in the road, a lot of debris, creeks out of the bank, and I get home, I have a hole in my roof, shingles off my family's property, trees down," Cox said.

His stepson was home alone when it happened.

"He climbed under the bed, he's never heard nothing like it. He said he heard a train it sounded like," Cox said.

In addition to a hole in his roof, that the fire department put a tarp over at two in the morning, an out building was moved.

"It blew the building off the foundation. Three to four feet off the foundation," Cox said.

Henry County Public Safety says the National Weather Service is coming in to try to determine what kind of an event caused all of these damage.

"Most everything is leaning towards a straight wind type event, but what we're doing today is we're out trying to get some aerial footage to get a more bird's eye view of what's going on and the damage to try to help classify what happened and what type of an event we actually did have," Henry County Public Safety Director Matt Tatum said.

As for the power, Tatum says many of the customers should have power restored by tonight, but others may not get it back until Sunday or Monday.