Roanoke city school leaders celebrate accreditation gains

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Roanoke City Schools made major improvements in this year's state accreditation review, according to leaders of the school system.

Last year, six schools in the city failed to receive full accreditation. This year, Hurt Park Elementary was singled out but still got partial accreditation.

WDBJ7 sat down with superintendent Rita Bishop shortly after the Virginia Department of Education released its accreditation rankings for 2017-18 Wednesday morning.

"We have great teachers, excellent principals, and a very supportive central office staff," Bishop said. "Because of city council and the school board, we have all the appropriate materials. They aren't lavish. But they're what children need."

Bishop is optimistic about Hurt Park's accreditation chances moving forward, noting there's a new principal and recently-completed building renovations that should improve the learning environment.