Rockbridge Habitat Faith Build 2017 starts

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) The wood was ready. The nails were driven. And another Habitat house was started just outside Lexington, but this time with a very special crew made up of the pastors and members of nearly a dozen churches in the area.

“Well, traditionally, Habitat is a faith-based organization, and traditionally churches have provided an awful lot of support in the local community," says Lynn Leech, Executive Director of Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity. "It allows people to put their faith directly into action for a local family. Instead of traveling somewhere else for a mission, they can come right here and help support Habitat in Rockbridge County.”

It’s something they’ve done for a while, and once again it’s a build that supports a local church member, who of course is helping out.

“It’s such a blessing," says Olivia Smiley. "I’m just overwhelmed by how I’m just blessed by this whole thing.”

And it’s a project that finds the pastors leading their flock.

“Particularly when folks think that preachers work only one day a week. They can see us out here working during the week," says Rev. Bill Klein of the Lexington Presbyterian Church. "It’s a good thing.”

But they have a good lead to follow.

“We figure that the person that we get our marching orders from was a carpenter, so we’re trying to follow that good Jewish carpenter," Klein says. "Sharing in his labors.”

And there seems to be one big advantage to having a bunch of pastors on your side.
“Someone’s prayers were answered, I think," Leech explains. "Not working in 90 degree weather.”