Students put STEAM skills to test competing in Mid-Atlantic Robotics Showdown

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PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Students from across the Commonwealth and even North Carolina put their skills to the test at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Robotics Showdown. It's fast paced, intense, and takes a lot of concentration and attention to detail.

It's like NASCAR but for Robotics. There's a pit, an arena, and several teams competing for the number one spot. And just like the cars in NASCAR, these robots get a little banged up, too.

This robotics showdown is the first off-season event held at Tunstall High School in Pittsylvania County.It's all about STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math.

Although the teams you see on either side of the arena are competing against each, they also have to work together and form an alliance to gain points.

“We're chasing down gears and shooting balls to make points and point values. All the while trying to make sure that as a team we can score the most amount of points for either the blue or the red alliance,” said Jessica Jones, Tunstall High School agriculture teacher.

Even though they're in the off-season, it's no competition to take lightly.
There's a lot of work that goes into this thing. The students spend weeks building the robots and putting their coding skills to test.

Every team wants to win! But this competition is about more than that.
It's about challenging students to be creative, problem-solve, and work together to achieve something great.