Teens from Roanoke help rebuild homes in Appomattox

BONSACK, Va. (WDBJ7) Hundreds of Virginia teens are headed to Appomattox, ready to continue rebuilding one year after devastating tornadoes ripped through the area. Some of those teens will come from the Roanoke Valley.

Teens from Bonsack Baptist Church load up a trailer with their luggage and sleeping packs, then they pack onto the bus for a summer trip. "Right after church we're leaving for Impact," said Kendall Lucas, a rising high school junior.

Kendall Lucas and 24 other teens from Bonsack Baptist Church are trading in visits to the pool for a week of service. They will join more than 200 other youth from around Virginia to help rebuild homes in Appomattox that were destroyed by the 2016 tornado.

"Each crew will be assigned a house, we'll work from 7am until the afternoon on that house, just serving the community there," said Jeremy Houf, Youth Minister at Bonsack Baptist Church.

The group says it is their faith that leads them to give back "It gets them out of their comfort zone, it gets them out of their routine. It gives them a challenge and so they love. They love every minute of it, because it's something different," said Houf.

The opportunity provides a chance for the teens to reflect and think about how they can improve their community. "It just makes you feel a lot better. You realize how much god has blessed you and how privileged we are to go and help other people. It makes you feel good and realize what you have," said Lucas.