Virginia Tech blends coding and literacy with new platform

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Virginia Tech professor created the first platform to teach kids the basics of coding and enhance literacy skills. Professor Michael Hsiao developed the program a few years ago and now is in the process of patenting. The platform is called GameChangineer, and it uses video game design to introduce programming concepts and reinforces reading skills.

"The ideas and the concepts of the coding process is all embedded, so when they write English sentences causes and effect, conditional, unconditional, what would make something happen, etc. They are really starting to think more like a computer scientist," said Professor Michael Hsiao of Virginia Tech.

A group of 20 students from Patrick County took a visit to the campus to participate in the course. Professor Hsiao says he is looking forward to train teachers and partner with school systems; so they can incorporate the platform into their curriculum.