Virginia man wins $10 million on scratch off

Woody Simmons holding a giant $10 million check from Virginia Lottery
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WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WTVR) Woody Simmons flashed his million-dollar smile for the cameras.

Actually, it was more like a $10 million smile.

Simmons, a postal worker from Maryland, flashed that smile while he picked up a $10 million check from the Virginia Lottery.

Simmons won the Virginia Lottery’s new Scratcher game — Extreme Millions — when he stopped to shop at Optimax Service Center in Woodbridge.

“I thought, ‘Well, let me take a chance,'” Simmons said when he saw the sign advertising the lottery game.

And when he found out he scratched off a $10 million winner?

“I just screamed in my car with all the windows up!” he recalled.

Simmons had a choice of taking the full $10 million prize — paid out over 30 years — or a one-time cash option of $6,570,302 before taxes.

He took the cash.