Woman driving to work discovers coyote embedded in her car

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ALBERTA, Canada A woman who was driving to work thought she had hit a coyote only to late find out it was embedded in the front of her car.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Georgie Knox explains that she was going to work early in the morning when she saw a coyote dart in front of her car.

She then heard a crunch sound and believed that she had hit and killed the animal.

As she neared work she stopped at a traffic light and was told by a construction worker to check her car. In the front she found the coyote, still alive, embedded in the vehicle.

"When I got out to look, this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me," said Georgie in the post.

She was then able to notify local Fish and Wildlife Enforcement who were able to rescue the coyote with minimal injuries.