Altavista at Staunton River

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Staunton River has been as good as anybody in the first two weeks of the season.

Altavista was the latest team to try and slow down the single wing in Moneta.

Key word, try.

The Golden Eagles already up 16-0 in the 1Q.

Staunton River looking to add to that, reaching deep in the bag and going to the air!

T.J. Tester flicks this one right over the Altavista defender to Brock Porter who takes it to the crib!

Altavista's ensuing possession, a botched handoff and fumble!

Trent Thomasson locks that ball down to give the Golden Eagles another shot at the endzone.

First play of the second quarter, fear the wing!

Grayson Overstreet coasts in to make it 30-0 Golden Eagles.

Next possession for Staunton River, its Overstreet again knifing through the defense to find paydirt!

With that score Overstreet broke the record for all time points leader at Staunton River as the Golden Eagles crush Altavista 72-7.