High school teams heat up the fields in the New River Valley

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An action packed night for the New River Valley in Week 3 of the high school football season.

We start off in Riner, where Auburn hosted Floyd County.

No doubt the boys were ready to go.

But early in the game we were wondering, 'are we playing football, or hot potato?'

On the first play of the game, Floyd County's Presley Yates looks like he gets stopped and dog piled.

But what we can't see is he lost the ball and Auburn recovered!

Then on Auburns first play-you guessed it!- they drop it too!

They would recover, but this would be a lot of defense early, with no scoring in the first.

Fast forward to the second, Floyd County with it again, and wouldn't you know it? The Eagles force Yates to drop it again!

On the ensuing possession, Eagles' Payson Kelly drops back to pass.

Maybe it was on purpose as Ian Bary picks this one off and brings it all the way down inside the five.

But it still wasn't easy for Floyd County.

Fourth down, an inch from the goal line, Bary, in a Q-B, looks like he's sacked, throws it up, and finds Caleb Webb just camping in the endzone!

Floyd County would get in a couple more times and beat Auburn on the road 21 to nothing.

Meanwhile in Blacksburg, it's the home team up big already at half!

If you thought they were letting up, all you had to do was watch Cole Beck as he zigged and he zagged.

It's a near 50 yard run to the endzone for a score!

You know who else wasn't letting up?

The crowd.

Amherst, tries to climb back in.

Tysheem Megginson gets this screen pass, but get's rushed out of bounds--knocking over yours truly in the process.

Amherst keeps it going.

Megginson takes it around the edge for the score!

On an ensuing on-side kick, trying to get the ball back, Josh VanGilder picks it up and takes it all the way back for the score!

Blacksburg runs away with this game, 47 to 21.