Cave Spring at Glenvar

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The Glenvar Highlanders have been shut out just twice since 2008, but one of those was a 21-nothing defeat at the hands of Cave Spring.

The Highlanders put their 2 and 0 mark on the line against the winless Knights Friday night.

Jack Leonard tried to help Glenvar build on a three score lead in the third quarter. This hard earned run setup a field goal for a 23-nothing lead.

Cave just trying to hang in when Jacob Knight connects with Logan Altizer down the seam. Altizer finds the zone to get the Knights on the board but it was an uphill climb.

Glenvar then goes back to Leonard who lowers the boom at the goal line. He's in for 6 more and it was 30 to 7 Highlanders at that point.

Knight went back to work hooking up with Cameron Caldwell and he takes it the distance but there wasn't nearly enough of that as Glenvar improves to 3 and 0 with the 37 to 13 win.