Tech Offensive Line Looks to New Leadership

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) While replacing big names like Jerod Evans, Isaiah Ford, and Bucky Hodges is on the Virginia Tech's to-do list, the team also has some holes to fill on the offensive line.

With the departures of right guard, Augie Conte, and right tackle, Jonathan McLaughlin, there will be some fresh faces up front, but there are still some experienced guys that have seen their fair share of starts.

Seniors like Kyle Chung, Wyatt Teller, and Eric Gallo say they're prepared to step up and be anchors on the line.

"Competition, it's amazing. It feeds off of everybody, on the line, and the whole team," said Chung. "Everybody gets excited, everybody feeds off of each other, and with that, we just become a better and better team, every single day."

"Every single one on the offensive line is a leader, in their group, in the weight room, everything," Teller said. "So it's nice to have that chemistry with the guys, and nice to have the same mindset, you know, the same leadership mindset."