Win or lose Patrick Henry, Fleming game is a winning rivalry

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - The annual battle for the Noel C. Taylor Trophy was held tonight at William Fleming where the Colonels and Patrick Henry hooked up for Roanoke city bragging rights.

This is Friday in Roanoke city
This is fandom at it's best.

This is a tale of winners - and those who fell short.

This is homegrown, hometown, down-and-dirty rivalry.

"Most of the time though from what I can tell the band is pretty friendly with each other," said Tori Woods, a member of Patrick Henry's color guard. "But with the football teams and the fans, it's a little competitive."

Competition is at it's peak on this night.

"Because it's like, you have to win because you know, they're the rivals," said Patrick Henry junior Wakilah.

There's pride at stake.

"Since I've been in like elementary school it's always been a rivalry and I've always loved coming to this game and watching us beat Fleming," said Lilly Thomas, a Patrick Henry junior.

Patrick Henry is dressed for a vacation tonight - confidence is key.

"Cuz we're relaxed!" she said. "We don't have to worry about losing to Fleming!"

This is game of the year.

"My kids barely slept last night," said Fleming mom, Ebony. "Everyone has been talking about this game from kids to adults. It's just fun! I did this when I was a teenager! Like Fleming and PH. The rivalry - it's fun, it's just fun."

This is a game of ups.

"We gonna make a comeback - we gonna win!" said mom.

And a game where the ups root for the other team.

"I mean respect to both sides but you know, we could be doing way better," said Fleming High band member, David Boston.

But no matter which side you're on - you're here for more than just the W.

That's because you're a Patriot
You're a Colonel .
You're a fall-down-8-times-get-up-9-times kind of fan.

This is your night.

"Anything could happen! Anything is possible," said Boston.

Anything is possible.

And when these Friday night lights dim - and mom washes out the grass stains, it doesn't matter the score board -

This is your game.
This is your rivalry.