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Cameron Diaz, What to Expect premiere 2012

Paul Hackett/Reuters

Cameron Diaz through the years

As Cameron Diaz stars in "The Other Woman," take a look at images of the actress throughout her career.

Woman wearing 3-D movie glasses

iStock / YvanDube

'80s movie gadgets you know you wanted

There are just some gadgets from '80s movies that as soon as they showed up on the screen, everybody wanted them. Don't deny it, you know you did too.

cheering movie theater audience


5 movies that had us rooting for bad guys

You probably don't find yourself rooting for criminals and outlaws in real life, but in movies anything goes. Here are five movies that had us cheering for the "bad guys."

Vivien Leigh, Gone With The Wind

Warner Home Video

5 greatest last lines in movie history

These movie last lines not only put the icing on the cake of these beloved films, but became pop culture fixtures in the process.

James Franco at Oz Britain premiere_sized

Reuters/Neil Hall

James Franco through the years

James Franco -- who celebrates his birthday this weekend -- has enjoyed a diverse career. Take a look at images of the actor through the years.

Johnny Depp, 2011 Golden Globes

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Johnny Depp through the years

Actor Johnny Depp has played an array of characters throughout his career. With his latest movie, "Transcendence" opening in theaters this weekend, take at the actor through the years.

Frightened people watching scary movie

iStock / nullplus

5 actors who haven't aged well

Remember those celebrities of the '80s we all drooled over? Turns out reality hit a lot of them hard, including these five who have come crashing down to Earth.

Emma Thompson pink dress cropped

Reuters/Mark Blinch

Emma Thompson through the years

As she celebrates her 55th birthday, take a look at images of Emma Thompson throughout her career.

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