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Films of Tom Hardy - Mad Max Fury Road

Films of Tom Hardy

With "Mad Max: Fury Road" available to own this week and his dual role movie "Legend" opening soon, take a look at some of Tom Hardy's films through the years.

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Bad acting hall of fame

There are some bad actors out there, and there are the truly terrible. These actors are so bad they earn the first five spots in our Bad Acting Hall of Fame.

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Movies that had us rooting for the bad guys

You probably don't find yourself rooting for criminals and outlaws in real life, but in movies anything goes. Here are five movies that had us cheering for the "bad guys."

Roles of Zac Efron - We Are Your Friends

Roles of Zac Efron

As "We Are Your Friends" bombs at the box office this past weekend, take a look at Zac Efron's more successful roles.

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Movies adapted from odd sources

They say inspiration comes in all forms, and nowhere is that more true than Hollywood, where anything, be it toys, an amusement park ride or even a board game, can become a movie.

Films of Owen Wilson - No Escape

Films of Owen Wilson

As "No Escape" opens in the theaters this weekend, take a look back at varied and colorful roles of Owen Wilson.

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Cool off with these classic summer movies

Summer is the time when movies are let off their chains and we get the movies America wants to see. And perhaps no films capture that summer movie feeling more than these five classics.

Films of Jesse Eisenberg - American Ultra

Films of Jesse Eisenberg

As he appears in "American Ultra" this past weekend, join us for a look at images of Jesse Eisenberg throughout the years.

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