Reynold works his magic on Erik. Erik starts to play his own game. Previously, we thought Erik was not much of a strategist. I mean, he did give up his immunity necklace that got him the boot in the final 5 of Micronesia. So, yeah.. or “jeah” because he is on the level of Ryan Lochte, dumb. But now, he is playing the middle man. Dawn stares at him and tells him that she is putting all of her trust in him. She literally stares him down by intimidating him to not flip.

Cochran points out that the risk of splitting the votes tonight is that it takes one person to flip and their plan can tragically turn unfavorable. They are all worried about Erik because he voted for Fillup last tribal council.

Tribal Council

Reynold says Phillips’s departure marked a new chapter in the game. Well duh, it definitely marked a new episode. He doesn’t see it as 6 vs 3 anymore. Andrea responds with that if anyone flips then it will ruin their game. Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie are challenge threats and will stick together so they will ‘use and abuse you.’

Probst mentions Malcolm’s clue. Andrea chirps in that she is 80% convinced he has the idol. This puts a smirk on his face because he wants them to think he has the idol so they will split the votes.

The tribe votes. No one plays an idol and smiles come across Andrea and Cochran’s faces.

First vote- Reynold, Malcolm and Andrea. Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, 2 votes each. Reynold, Andrea.. one vote left, Malcolm. We have a three vote tie.

A revote ensues. Malcolm is voted out and the 3rd member of the jury. He played well.

A coworker and fellow Survivor enthusiast pointed out that whoever aligns with Reynold and Eddie gets voted out. It’s kind of true. How are they still in this game? How are there 3 fans still left?

Sherri really did have a huge choice to make; to play with the three amigos or stick with the outcast majority alliance. If she flipped then next vote would have been 4 vs 4. Dynamics are so different then what is portrayed in the editing so I wonder who was really close with whom. I can see Sherri being really close with Dawn.  Dawn is close with Andrea, Cochran, Brenda and Sherri. Will Dawn win?


Tribal Votes (revote)

Erik: Malcolm

Brenda: Malcolm

Dawn: Malcolm

Eddie: Malcolm

Sherri: Malcolm

Cochran: Malcolm

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