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President Trump wants food boxes delivered instead of food stamps

New invasive insect discovered in Virginia

Montgomery County couple takes the stage at national Farm Bureau competition

Virginia Tech helps farmers save time with new farmhand, a drone

Grown Here at Home: Franklin County farmer looks back on the season

Valley Beef Conference meets at Virginia Horse Center

Grown Here at Home: Has this Christmas tree farmer in Roanoke put up his tree yet?

Grown Here at Home: How to care for your Christmas tree

The location of this Christmas tree farm in Roanoke is surprising

Grown Here at Home: Making wreaths at Woods Farms in Franklin County

Grown Here at Home: Bedford County man explains his passion for beekeeping

James River High School FFA earns top ratings at national convention

Grown Here at Home: Let's go on an a'maze'ing adventure through the corn maze

Grown Here at Home: Weeding out the bad apples

Grown Here at Home: One way to pick a pumpkin

Company to grow lettuce in Virginia using fish waste

Grown Here at Home: Pumpkins are a big money-maker for Southwest Virginia

Grown Here at Home: It's apple season! Do you know how to pick 'em?

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