Board votes to incorporate Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine into Virginia Tech

Maker recalls fresh-cut vegetables from stores in Southeast

Tropical Smoothie Cafe sued: Hepatitis A in Egyptian berries

Medicaid to pay for repellent in Virginia to ward off Zika

BelkGives free mammogram screenings

Virginia Department of Health investigating several hepatitis A cases linked to Tropical Smoothie Cafe stores

Health officials celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month

U.S. health officials warning pregnant women to avoid Miami Beach due to Zika

Study: Catalog of DNA variations helps find roots of disease

LewisGale Hospital Montgomery to begin $6 million renovation

Water authority in Roanoke gives information about keeping water clean

Flint water crisis slowly improves, but could have lasting effects

Dentists disagree with new report that disputes flossing

Virginia Department of Health advises Roanoke air travelers on Zika

Virginia receives CDC funding to fight Zika virus

Pulaski County urges homeowners to empty stagnant water, control mosquito population

Flour recall prompts new warning: Don't eat dough or batter

Hometown Health: LIVE interview with addiction counselor Hannah Lloyd

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