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Heading out the door and wondering if you should grab sunscreen, tissues, or both?! In our new Health and Fitness on the Go section, we recommend a variety of health-focused apps you can download to your smart phone or tablet.

LoveMySkin app helps you map your moles for skin cancer prevention! This app makes is easy to track suspicious moles or lesions. Just tag a mole on the figure and edit details to monitor growth and change.

Use the ABCD guide (Asymmetry, Border, Color, and Diameter) pictures to shoe the differences between benign and malignant moles. The best part, this app gives you the tools to perform self-skin exams and be more aware of changes to your skin that could indicate the early warning signs of skin cancer.

-    $0.99 for iPhone

-    Not yet available on Android

Allergy Alert (from Pollen.com)

Plan your day, or even week, with this easy to follow allergy app. Allergy Alert provides index levels for four different conditions: Allergy (pollen), Asthma, Cold & Cough, and UV Sensitivity. You can also get an idea of what which pollens may affect you the most. You’ll always know when to grab the tissues and sunscreen!

This app features loads of training tools to help you stay on track:

-    Today’s allergy forecast

-    4-day extended forecast

-    Which pollens are predominant right now

-    Allergy and UV index levels

-    Free for iPhone and Android