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R.L. Stine.jpg

Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons

R.L. Stine revives 'Fear Street'

Author R.L. Stine has returned to the evil street that made him famous in the 1990s, and fans are looking forward to the new ways he'll terrorize Shadyside High School teenagers on "Fear Street."



Facebook will loosen policy for drag queens

Facebook issued an apology for its "real name" policy -- and announced that it will loosen restrictions for the drag community.

Bugaboo stroller

From Bugaboo

Behind Bugaboo, the coveted 'it' stroller

Somehow a baby stroller has become a coveted "it" item and status symbol. But it was never intended to be one.

Emma Watson, 2014 Oscars

Wen-Chun Fan/CNN

Boy's Emma Watson letter goes viral

A 15-year-old British schoolboy has struck a chord with his eloquent response to actress Emma Watson's United Nations speech encouraging men to join in the fight for gender equality.

Wine glasses


China misses its 'gateway wine'

Every wine lover has a story of the first sip that drew them in.

More often than not, it was not a glass a highly complex and expensive Bordeaux. It was likely an unsophisticated yet tantalizing bottle that rocked their world.

Home Cookin' with Heart: Pancake Pups (muffins)

Last week I shared the best pancake mix ever. One night this week, I was tired and just didn’t feel like cooking a big meal. So, I thought why not mix up some pancakes.

Tomatoes ready for harvesting

It's tomato season in Dublin

It took only a few months, and now tens of thousands of tomatoes in Dublin are ready for harvesting

Earthships built from scraps

Earthships, new homes made from old junk

The ability to live completely off the grid is now a reality courtesy of solar homes, known as Earthships.

Moms Helping Moms CNN Heroes

'Moms Helping Moms' provide for their babies

Bridget Cutler was still adjusting to being a new mom when she read a magazine article that changed her life.

Grilled cheeses at food truck rodeo

Nadine Maeser/WDBJ7

Chow down at food truck rodeo in downtown Christiansburg

If you're looking to eat out tonight, you may want to swing by downtown Christiansburg.



Behind Bugaboo, the coveted 'it' stroller

Bugaboo stroller

From Bugaboo

Somehow a baby stroller has become a coveted "it" item and status symbol. But it was never intended to be one.

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Tropical fruit with roasted cumin seed

Cutting fruit

National Mango Board

Salty and sweet, this is a great dessert treat.

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Earthships, new homes made from old junk

Earthships built from scraps

The ability to live completely off the grid is now a reality courtesy of solar homes, known as Earthships.

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Dog chases bear out of Tenn. home

Dog chases bear


If you live near the Smokies, seeing a bear in the area isn't unusual, but seeing a bear in your home certainly is.

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Home prices rise 5.6%

For sale real estate

REUTERS/Larry Downing

Home prices rose in July but at a slower rate, as the real estate market's rebound continues to cool off.

National home prices were up 5.6% annually, down from a 6.3% gain in June according to the S&P/Case-Shiller index. The pace of price gains has sl...

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A scanner to end all airport security lines?

Alfa3 scanner


Imagine if going through airport security was just a matter of walking past a stretch of wall. No pat-downs, no X-rays, no metal detectors, and no need to remove any clothing.

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Cop killer chosen as commencement speaker

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Wikimedia Commons

Maureen Faulkner learned Tuesday that her husband's convicted killer was selected as the commencement speaker for a graduating class at the Goddard College in Vermont.

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Skittish investors cause stocks to plummet

Stocks file

Mark Blinch/Reuters

This isn't September 2008. No Wall Street firms are in danger of going belly up.

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  • 'Mistake' in how hospital handled Ebola case?

    Apartment where Ebola patient stayed

    REUTERS/Mike Stone

    The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola on American soil went to the emergency room last week, but was released from the hospital even though he told staff he had traveled from Liberia.

    "A travel history was taken, but it wasn't communicated to th...

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