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  • Dumpster house

    From Gregory Kloehn

    The spectacular houses built from scrap

    For the aspirational, willing to bend their backs and broaden their minds, the materials for a dream house are all around us; in tin cans, tires and scrap metal, ready for construction projects anywhere from city centers to tropical islands at minimal expense.

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    By Kieron Monks
  • Would-be online house-hunting giant has brokers scared

    For sale real estate

    REUTERS/Larry Downing

    The two biggest names in online house hunting -- Zillow and Trulia -- may be teaming up, a pairing that is making some real estate brokers nervous.

  • For sale: Town of Aladdin, Wyo., for $1.5 million

    Aladdin Wyoming

    Robert Odendahl

    If you're looking for your next real estate investment, look no further than the tiny town of Aladdin, Wyo.

  • Swimming accident law: The basics

    ladder into swimming pool

    Michel Meynsbrughen/SXC

    It's that time of year when the 6 o'clock news leads far too often with the most tragic stories about childhood drowning deaths, near deaths and injuries.

  • Buying in bulk can save big bucks


    From the single shopper to the family of seven, buying certain items bulk can save time and money.

  • Cut grocery bills with these 15 tips



    When it comes time to cut spending, people often overlook what they spend at the grocery store. Find out how to keep both your fridge and your wallet full.

  • Small decorating changes make big impact

    blue prints paint

    You can make big changes to your home just by making small decorating switches.

  • Laundry tips to defeat 5 impossible stains

    Laundry basket

    We've got the answers that will help you stop the guesswork on laundry and make it easy to beat five almost-impossible-to-get-out stains.

  • 5 ways to declutter your life

    woman with iron and pile of messy clothes

    iStock / icyimage

    While some may think clutter is a sign of genius at work, the truth is messy surroundings could actually be holding you back. Discover five ways to you can cut out the clutter.

  • Don't let budget hinder summer parties

    summer party

    © / tilo

    Before you let your tight budget prevent you from throwing a party this summer, take a look at these tips on how to trim costs at your summer bash.

  • Impress your guests with top grilling tips

    Grill, BBQ, Cook

    Kenn Kiser/SXC

    Get out the tongs and grilling tools, then find out what it takes to put together a top-notch grilling station.

  • Get your home ready for spring

    spring cleaning

    When Old Man Winter finally dies down and spring breezes blow in, it's easy to focus only on the garden and forget to do some maintenance on the house.

  • Find cheap treasures at yard sales

    Garage sale file

    Are you looking to save a few bucks this spring? Instead of heading to the shopping mall, consider searching for items at yard sales, garage sales and flea markets instead.

  • Protect your home from winter's chill

    small house in winter, home, snow


    Keep your heating bills low while your home fights the elements with these tips to protect your home.

  • How to create at-home first aid kit


    In case of an emergency, keep these essential first aid items in your home.

  • Building your storm pantry

    Kitchen food pantry


    Are you prepared if a big storm knocks your utilities out of commission?

  • Recovery in home prices not expected until spring

    For sale sign

    Jerry Freeman/CNN

    Even though home prices are rebounding in some parts of the country the overall housing market won't start turning the corner until spring of next year, according to the latest forecast based on the Fiserv Case-Shiller indices.

  • Have $3.9M handy? Buy a ghost town

    Utah desert


    A family in rural Utah is hoping that someone with a frontier spirit and deep pockets will snatch up their 706-acre ghost town for the bargain price of $3.9 million.

  • Flood of foreclosures to hit the housing market

    Home foreclosure, sale

    Mike Segar/Reuters

    The golden age for foreclosure squatters may soon be coming to an end now that the $26 billion mortgage settlement has been approved.

  • 3 ways to mow your lawn


    As lawn-mowing season comes upon us, is it worth the money savings to cancel your professional lawn service? Compare three options for cutting the grass in terms of cost, convenience and quality.

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