SML boat collision update

One missing, one in intensive care after Smith Mountain Lake boat collision

One person is missing after Thursday night's boat collision at Smith Mountain Lake. Another person is in intensive care after being flown by helicopter to a Roanoke hospital.

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Tractor-trailer wreck on I-77 South causes major delays in Carroll County

A tractor-trailer wreck on Interstate 77 in Carroll County is causing major delays on Friday morning.

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EBay reveals lackluster diversity report

In case you missed it, tech has a diversity problem. EBay is the latest tech company to publish an employee diversity report, revealing it hires mostly white and male workers.



GM is still selling lots of cars

General Motors can't seem to stop ordering recalls. But car buyers haven't stopped buying its cars.

The No. 1 U.S. automaker posted a 9% jump in sales, boosted in large part by bulk orders from car rental companies and corporate buyers.

GM rivals Ford...

Stock Exchange floor 10_19_12

Brendan McDermid / Reuters

Now what? Stocks mixed in early trading

Stocks were flat in early trading Friday. But after Thursday's huge plunge, flat may be almost as good as up.

Market futures were pointing to a rough open on Wall Street until the government said the jobs recovery continued in July, albeit at a slower...

Joe Frazer, Muhammad Ali 1971 fight poster

Boxing Illustrated

Ali's gloves fetch nearly $400K at auction

A pair of sweat-stained boxing gloves worn by Muhammad Ali during his "Fight of the Century" with Joe Frazier more than 40 years ago were sold at auction Thursday for nearly $400,000.

Middle wage jobs on the rise


Middle-class jobs are finally coming back

Hiring in low-wage jobs like retail and fast food have been plentiful in recent years, but that's changing now. Middle-class employment is on the upswing, thanks to the strengthening economy.

Economic conditions poll


Poll: Percentage who say economy's 'good' on the rise

Most Americans still say that the economy's in poor shape. But the percentage who describe economic conditions as good continue to slowly but steadily increase, and now stands at its highest level since before the last recession, according to a new national survey.

Family vacation roadtrip

iStock / sjlocke

Start-ups can sometimes spur employee perks

How does this sound? On top of your regular two weeks of paid vacation plus holidays, your employer lets you take as much summer vacation as you like, and pays you for all but one-quarter of the time.

college, diploma, hat


Students, parents borrowing less to pay for college

While college costs and student loan bills have soared over the past decade, some students and their families are finding ways to spend (and borrow) less.


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