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White House drone

U.S. Secret Service/Brian Leary

Drone maker: Malfunction 'highly unlikely'

The owner of a small drone that crashed at the White House earlier this week is blaming technical problems with the DJI Phantom quadcopter for the apparent mishap, though the creator of the device says it's "highly unlikely" the device malfunctioned....

School system releases new details into fights


Patrick Henry High School principal sends new message to parents about spreading rumors

WDBJ 7 has new details into the fights that broke out at Patrick Henry High School. The Roanoke City School System said there were three fights involving six students on Wednesday.

Missing child from Christiansburg

Criminal justice professor talks about social media, criminal investigations

WDBJ 7 spoke to one criminal justice expert about online communication between Aysia Monique Lewis and Donald Bruce Quesenberry Jr. Ferrum College’s Dr. David Nicholson said it could be crucial in locating the missing teen from Christiansburg.

Internet servers broadband

Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

Feds say they've taken down revenge porn king

He made money by posting naked pictures of women online, officials said. And then he took money from those women to take them down.

Bill Gates, Microsoft

B Mathur/Reuters

Bill Gates reveals his only regret

Bill Gates has made his mark on the world. So what does he regret?


Brendan McDermid/Reuters

74.5 million iPhones is ...

Apple had a record-setting quarter during the last three months of 2014, posting the biggest corporate profit for any company in history.


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Facebook, Instagram go down, get back up

For about an hour this morning, humans across the world were briefly forced to interact with each other in person.

Upgrades, enhancements help put Roanoke on the map


Berglund Center recognized for energy efficient upgrades, enhancements

Roanoke is getting national recognition for its efforts to cut energy waste. The city has promised to cut 20% of its energy use by 2020.

Users give in to Facebook fatigue

Brooklyn boy's viral image pays tribute to principal

It took about 45 minutes for an online campaign to raise $100,000 this week, the start of an initiative that has grown beyond its original goal of funding a class trip to Harvard.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

From Apple

Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history

Apple posted the biggest profit in corporate history last quarter after selling a record number of iPhones.

Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the last three months. That helped Apple's profit soar more than 37% to $18 billion. That's larger than Gazp...

Airplane seats, airline, flight

iStock / mikdam

The world's most Wi-Fi-connected airlines

Remember the days when flying long distance meant at least nine guaranteed hours offline?



Microsoft sales soar for all its non-Windows products

Microsoft sales are growing for just about every product it makes ... except for Windows.

A couple years ago, that would have caused a panic -- Windows has been Microsoft's cash cow since 1985. In 2015, Microsoft isn't sweating it too much. Microsoft ...


3 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.


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