VT Professor talks 5G cell phone network, issues with federal govenment involvement

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Blacksburg's Torc Robotics showcasing autonomous car at CES in Las Vegas

Picking out the best TV for the Super Bowl

Apple apologizes for slowing down old iPhones, cuts price of replacement batteries

Facebook signs deal with music label Universal Music

Apple admits to slowing older iPhones intentionally

AIM officially shuts down after 20 year run

Tesla unveils electric semi prototype

iPhone X draws crowds all around the world

Virginia Tech receives donated motion capture suits from alum

Autonomous systems industry needs to gain trust from general public

Pulaski County students prepare for possible careers in manufacturing

Plans discussed to integrate drones into manned airplane & airport airspace

Virginia Tech testing impact and dangers of drones hitting people

Apple expected to unveil next iPhones at Sept. 12 showcase

iPods help Virginia Tech facilities workers stay connected

Virginia Tech Hyperloop Team to compete in national competition, hope to contribute to future

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