Officials: FBI arrests widow of Orlando nightclub shooter

Gene Cernan, last astronaut on the moon, dies at 82

What does the repeal of the ACA mean for your wallet?

Surge in traffic deaths outpaces increase in travel

Congress OKs first step to dismantle 'Obamacare'

Personalized IRS letters nudge uninsured to get coverage

Watchdog to investigate Justice, FBI actions before election

Jon and Tracey Stewart's animal sanctuary gets key approval

Hate-crime charges filed in attack on mentally disabled man

Police: Charges coming in Chicago beating aired on Facebook

FDA probes dangers of exploding e-cigarette batteries

Dylann Roof declared competent to stand trial, act as own lawyer

10-month-old revived twice after being exposed to fentanyl

Cars given to those who lost them in recent wildfires

Long-term US mortgage rates rise, staying near 2014 highs

UPDATE: Actress Debbie Reynolds has died at age 84, son says

Police evacuating Trump Tower over suspicious package

Island of misfit toys, UPS expects 1.3M returns in one day

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